Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cartoon-image software poll

Newark just got the software upgrade on their naked scanners, so the local paper ran a poll:
Do you feel more comfortable going through the new body scanner at Newark's airport?

Total Votes: 61

Monday, September 26, 2011

TSA News Roundup

  • We know the TSA doesn't really protect us from terrorists, but it can occasionally catch people who are smuggling live animals (including parrots, snakes and turtles). Aside from such smuggling having nothing to do with national security, I'm pretty sure that stewardesses and fellow passengers could similarly note a live animal on a plane.
  • The TSA agent who had used her position of power to aid a drug smuggling ring had her day in court and pled guilty. But, of course, it's "unfair" to form an opinion of other TSA agents based on this one agent's actions. Unless you realize that corruption is bred by bureaucracy.
  • What's worse than a regurgitation of a TSA press release about cartoon software upgrades? An editorial that is a regurgitation of said press release. It even ends by saying: "the TSA deserves credit for responding to customer concerns."
  • Ineffective TSA lead to calls for draconian measures by some: