Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The vast right-wing conspiracy

I can't decide if this article is hilarious or depressing. Some people who think the TSA is over-stepping its bounds also think that unions - particularly unions for government employees - are a bad idea. Therefore, concludes the left-wing writers of this article, no one was really upset about the scanners and pat-downs. They were just gearing up to oppose a TSA union.

Hilarious: because this would be giving the American public a lot of credit for paying attention to issues and thinking ahead. It also completely ignores the many left-leaning civil libertarians who agree the TSA assaults are illegal and wrong.

Depressing: when leftists see nothing wrong with virtual strip searching and aggressive, invasive pat downs (of children and adults alike), without a warrant, except a right-wing conspiracy, we are in real trouble. Hopefully this article is not taken seriously and is not representative of progressive thought these days.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Picking out the cute girls

Bill Forster gives us the inside scoop on what many of us have suspected all along: cute girls get picked out for extra screening. Here's one example:
When I first started at the TSA I was assigned a “shadow.” Basically a Shadow is another officer that watches over the new recruits to assure they are doing things correctly. The officer assigned to me was a nice enough guy, however he had one little fetish that I found a little …off putting. He would stand at the front of the TSA checkpoint and look through the crowd. He would find a girl that looked cute or maybe was wearing little clothing, then select them for additional screening. Now, LAX like most airports does not allow male officers to patdown female passengers. So my Shadow would get a female officer and tell her to pat the passenger he selected down while he watched. Sometimes overseeing the patdown and making further suggestions. Then he wound go find another girl to harass.
Read the rest of Bill's post and check out his comic on Miss USA's recent abuse.