Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Illusions In Vegas

Here is a first-hand account of getting Pre-Check in the name of expediency. Are TSA procedures not about keeping us safe? From the author:

"Of course, deep down we all knew this already. The TSA is not about keeping us safe, nor is it about apprehending would-be terrorists. The TSA serves one purpose and one purpose only: To create the illusion of safety, the perception that someone is in charge and taking care of things, even if any sensible person can see that it’s all a charade."

Anecdotally, I've heard of this happening at other times and places. Proof that it is all security theater for those paying attention.

Friday, June 2, 2017

DA and airline help woman bullied by TSA

The TSA tried to confiscate the property of an elderly woman in Kansas. She had an item (possibly hand lotion) that was more than 3 ounces , which the TSA intended to throw away in order to let the woman board the plane with her husband. The 5' 2", 120 pound, 82-year old allegedly hit the TSA agent's arm with so much force that she was arrested and held in jail.

The good news? the airline contacted the county DA, who then released the woman. She was transported (by the airline) back to the airport and continued her journey.

This is the type of "protest'' that we need: airlines and DA's standing up to the TSA not cow-towing to them! And cheers to Amy Renee Leiker, for reporting the story with symathy for the wrongfully-arrested passenger. Now, if only the air the police could have protected her rights better.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Court: Protests are not free speech when the TSA is involved

What happens if you do the obvious: insist on an actual strip search to protest a virtual strip search? Hopefully, the courts protect your 1st Amendment right to protest. But, they may also find you guilty of violating the unlawful orders of an unlawful agency, then hold you liable for the bloated agency's over-reaction.

Would you accept the guilty verdict and pay the modest fine, content that your free speech argument was partially honored? Maybe you would appeal to a higher court. This is what the protestor from 2012 did.

Unfortunately, the appeals court recently maintained his conviction: You can't voluntarily strip naked at a TSA checkpoint.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

About that underwear

I have seen this a lot on social media recently: Underwear that shows the 4th Amendment when scanned at an airport. According to the company selling it, it uses metallic ink. They also claim that the words show up in x-rays.

While amusing, this is a scam.

There were several products purporting to do this 8 years ago, when scanners were first introduced. However, it is now obsolete as there is now just an avatar shown to TSA. So this shirt might show up as an anomaly on the chest, leading to a pat-down. But, chances are, an agent will never see the text of the 4th Amendment.

(Furthermore, the scanners are also now using millimeter-wave technology, not x-rays. So, while the metallic text may still be detected by the scanner, I wouldn't trust the manufacturer's word on this.They are clearly ignorant of TSA policy.)

Buy this product if you like the subversive nature of it and don't mind pat-downs. But, if you want to educate the TSA, you'd be better off handing them a pocket-sized Constitution.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Contempt of TSA

There is good reason to hold the TSA in contempt, and it goes beyond the contempt it shows for airline passengers' civil liberties. Jim Harper of the Competitive Enterprise Institute explains:

    "TSA has shown contempt for the administrative laws that govern it. It slow-walks processes and policies that are meant to keep it responsive to the public."

The CEI is continuing to use existing legal procedures to press the TSA on its policies.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ron Paul on the TSA

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the problems with the TSA and how to protect your rights in this 15-minute video.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Frequent flyer finally gets it

A frequent flyer, who also happens to be a news reporter, was sexually assaulted by the TSA. I'm glad she decided to publicize it:
"The pat-down began and was uneventful until she went down my leg, up my dress, and her hand sideways hits me right in the crack of my labia. Startled, I jump and feel a lump in my throat trying to hold back tears."