Monday, March 4, 2019

Wolves protecting the sheep

This article is not addressing the narrow topic of naked scanners, but is addressing the broader topic of civil liberties abuses at the hands of TSA. Additionally, I was not aware of the principles described (nor have I investigated further to corroborate):

"Many of the “voluntarily surrendered items,” or items taken from checked baggage by airport security are given to the state government. Food, drink and alcohol are thrown away, but items that are prohibited, including household goods and sharp or dangerous objects are surrendered or confiscated. They are stored by the TSA and some state governments sell them off in online auctions to generate revenue."

So, we can see one way that the interests of the state (to project it's citizens' rights) are captured by a federal agency: TSA steals private property from citizens (and in an Orwellian twist, renames it "voluntary"). The state does not intervene on behalf of the citizen, but looks the other way. As a reward, the TSA gives some of the stolen goods to the state.

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