Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Medical notification cards

This is just silly. The TSA has created special medical notification cards so that people with various medical issues can convey their needs or concerns to a TSO in advance of being screened. This new bureaucratic measure has been implemented in response to the sad story of a cancer survivor with a colostomy bag ending up covered in urine because the jerk feeling him up did not care to listen to the passenger's pleas to be careful.

One of the funniest quotes here is:
Some doctors, patient advocacy groups and medical-equipment suppliers created their own notification cards and letters long before the TSA's new stricter security screening rules and enhanced pat-downs went into effect. But Linda Aukett of United Ostomy Associations of America  said: “Some TSOs (transportation screening officers) responded with ‘Don’t bother showing me that paper. Everyone has a printer. You could have forged that letter.’ So that had a lot to do with the TSA coming up with its own card.”
What forgery is the TSO concerned about? It's just a note to privately explain a medical condition!

And, as one of the commenters on this article said:
If the screener cannot understand the spoken words, why do you think he/she could understand the written ones.
I can't see how these ridiculous cards seem like a good idea to anyone.