Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Private" scans

They've been talking about it for awhile, and I fear this will work to calm the masses over the privacy invasions of the scanners: The TSA is testing scanners that use software that creates avatars instead of actual nude images. Basically, you are still irradiated, you are still virtually strip-searched, but the software blocks the image of your naked body from human eyes. Instead, the software shows the viewer a (clothed) cartoon image and highlights areas of anomalies.

Well, would it be okay with you if someone set up a hidden camera in your bathroom, but "protected your privacy" by having software automatically convert the images to stylized cartoons? Your privacy is still being violated. And the data to re-create your naked image still exists. It's just that the voyeur promises that he won't actually use that data.

No thank you. I still won't fly.

(Note: It goes without saying that these scanners will not be as effective and still pose the same health risks.)