Friday, March 11, 2011

TSA agent accused of aiding smugglers

We all know that what the TSA does is security theater. It is also in the nature of these organizations that corruption is bred on a rich diet of power. This particular TSA agent, at the Buffalo-Niagara Airport, got caught:
Prosecutors say Walker routinely ushered suspected drug traffickers past airport security...
In court documents, federal agents say Walker let one person travel under a false name and helped others bypass normal security measures by escorting them through checkpoints and directing them away from body image scanners and pat-down lines.
Walker also is accused of waiting with suspects, personally handling their baggage and occupying them to avoid scrutiny by other airport security personnel, federal authorities said.
Note that the smugglers were smuggling suspected drug money. Part of our police state mentality is to have complete control over what we are allowed and not allowed to do. You are not allowed to travel with large amounts of cash.

But the question remains. If this one agent got caught, how many more are doing similar - and more dangerous - things with their power?