Sunday, March 20, 2011

TSA News Roundup

I didn't have time this week to write commentary on each of these pieces. So I'll just include them all here with a brief intro to each.
  • A test of the scanners revealed that they were emitting ten times more radiation than expected. But - not to worry - they are sure it is a math error, not an actual error in the scanners. So they'll keep testing them until they get the answer they wanted. I feel safer already!
  • Becky Akers had a great column on the TSA dog-training program. She really hits the nail on the head about why this is creepy.
  • A passionate letter to the editor from a father about his daughter's ordeal with her children at the airport due to inane TSA policies and general airport bullying.

  • An update on Aaron Tobey - the literate college student who was detained for having the 4th Amendment written on his chest last fall (it couldn't have been because he was only wearing his skivvies, since that's what the scanners see anyway!).