Monday, May 23, 2011

A small concession from the GOP

You would think that cutting funding for more scanners would be one cut that the left and right might possibly, conceivably come together on. The GOP gets to stand up and say they cut something - anything  - from the budget when their constituency is clamoring for a crackdown on spending. The Dems get to stand up for individual liberty. Well, we'll see how far this goes, but the GOP has, in fact, proposed that the TSA does not get funding for more scanners next year.

Here's one security hawk's take. Yuck!

And, although this article is not exactly friendly to us anti-scanner folks, I think the analysis is probably accurate. This "cut" will be blocked by the Dems and the GOP will breathe a sigh of relief.
No politician wants to make a point of cutting TSA's funding, only to take the blame if the nation suffers another terrorist attack. Privacy advocates are pretty good about working the media, but TSA officials have friendly journalists too—and they'd make a point of naming Congressional names in the aftermath of a hijacking or bombing.
Preventing more scanners is a good thing - and I hope it does pass - but I'm ever cynical about our freedoms ever being restored.