Thursday, May 5, 2011

The vast right-wing conspiracy

I can't decide if this article is hilarious or depressing. Some people who think the TSA is over-stepping its bounds also think that unions - particularly unions for government employees - are a bad idea. Therefore, concludes the left-wing writers of this article, no one was really upset about the scanners and pat-downs. They were just gearing up to oppose a TSA union.

Hilarious: because this would be giving the American public a lot of credit for paying attention to issues and thinking ahead. It also completely ignores the many left-leaning civil libertarians who agree the TSA assaults are illegal and wrong.

Depressing: when leftists see nothing wrong with virtual strip searching and aggressive, invasive pat downs (of children and adults alike), without a warrant, except a right-wing conspiracy, we are in real trouble. Hopefully this article is not taken seriously and is not representative of progressive thought these days.