Monday, June 6, 2011

Fugitives in their own country

This woman had to unpin her money from her bra strap (where she keeps it since she is too disabled to rely on a purse or pocket) after the "anomaly" was picked up by a naked scanner, causing here to feel like a "fugitive" and also to reveal more skin than is reasonable. I gasped aloud later in this interview when the woman said that she always has to remove her neck brace (!) when going through security. Scroll down for comments from the young woman who filmed this and put it on YouTube this weekend.

El Paso, Texas. - I didn't know this lady, but I ended up going with her her to the bathroom and helping her get her money pinned back on her bra. To get her money back to where she wanted it, she had to take off both shirts and lower her bra straps. I know TSA had to see quite a bit of her.

I had told her earlier that she looked pretty and she said she had felt pretty when she left the house, but after the pat down she didn't feel pretty anymore.

This elderly lady was made to remove her neck brace, get out of her wheelchair, go into a private room and partially disrobe after a body scan. She said she got two pat downs.

El Paso TSA makes everyone go through the body scanners.

H/T Bill Fisher