Monday, July 4, 2011

Neocon solutions

Jonah Goldberg had an op-ed last week on the TSA. As with all commentary from the right on this matter (now that a Democrat is in the White House), it started off sound, building off the outrage over the grandmother-diaper incident. But - again, consistent with commentary from the right these days - it devolved into silly nonsense about how if only the TSA would institute the correct policies, none of this would happen.

Never overestimate what level government bureaucrats (or their gangs of hired thugs) can sink to. If the neocons had their way, we would still see old women and young children being abused, but they wouldn't be white.

The point here is that everyone - American or not, white or not - has an inalienable right to be secure in their persons and possessions. This right can only be breached in the American system through due process - meaning that a government agent has to get a judge to sign a warrant for the search after being presented with evidence of probably cause for suspicion of a specific crime.

Today is our Independence Day, and it would do us well to remember that one of the grievances listed in the VA Declaration of Rights (a model document for Jefferson in drafting the Declaration of Independence) was:
That general warrants, whereby any officer or messenger may be commanded to search suspected places without evidence of a fact committed, or to seize any person or persons not named, or whose offense is not particularly described and supported by evidence, are grievous and oppressive and ought not to be granted.
And, furthermore,
On the night before the Declaration of Independence was published, JOHN ADAMS cited the "argument concerning the Writs of Assistance … as the commencement of the controversy between Great Britain and America."
Clearly our American (and English law) heritage holds the TSA in contempt. Perhaps, one day, both the mainstream left and right will realize this.