Friday, June 2, 2017

DA and airline help woman bullied by TSA

The TSA tried to confiscate the property of an elderly woman in Kansas. She had an item (possibly hand lotion) that was more than 3 ounces , which the TSA intended to throw away in order to let the woman board the plane with her husband. The 5' 2", 120 pound, 82-year old allegedly hit the TSA agent's arm with so much force that she was arrested and held in jail.

The good news? the airline contacted the county DA, who then released the woman. She was transported (by the airline) back to the airport and continued her journey.

This is the type of "protest'' that we need: airlines and DA's standing up to the TSA not cow-towing to them! And cheers to Amy Renee Leiker, for reporting the story with symathy for the wrongfully-arrested passenger. Now, if only the air the police could have protected her rights better.