Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Credible images?

I'm looking for real images taken via any of the scanners (millimeter or x-ray backscatter). I have confirmed that there is one hoax (the blonde woman with the really nice body). This image below appears to be a legit image of a airport worker:

The TSA posted these images on their blog:

The ACLU has two images. One is the same as that provided by the TSA, and I read elsewhere that the other one is an image volunteered by Susan Hallowell of the TSA, but have not confirmed this:

x-ray backscatter image from ACLU site
Here's an image that was requested by an individual named John Wild linked from this story:

This is from a scientific article:

EPIC has 100 of the tens of thousands of millimeter wave images from a FOIA, but I haven't seen any. There are also a number of other images that I'm having trouble confirming or busting. Please let me know what you find!