Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guest blog: Proposal to solve the clash between security and privacy

A regular reader of this site sent this essay to me to post. It got lost in my mail box and to-do list, but I here it is. I will post my thoughts on this tomorrow, but am interested to see what my loyal readers think before giving my own opinions away.

Getting TSA “Junk” Gropers Out of Our Lives

By Allan Sanford

Coming soon to an airport near you…maybe, is a small, wall mounted device that employs nanotechnology to instantly detect and identify many different types of explosives. I say “maybe” because if there’s one thing as sure as death or taxes, it’s that no bureaucracy in the history of mankind willingly gave up its death grip on power and money. Expect the TSA, Janet Napolitano and Mr. Chertoff to fight to the end to keep their people and machines in the airports they are in, and to continue to place more machines and people in airports that don’t yet have them. Gotta make a living, you know, even though you are tearing up the Constitution.

Technology from Israel has come to the rescue. Developed at the University of Tel Aviv, these small devices can passively be placed on a wall next to every entrance to an airport, and detect, from a distance, anyone carrying an explosive into an airport, or anywhere else, for that matter. Train stations, ports of entry that handle tens of thousands of huge containers arriving in the US every day, and pass unscrutinized through the ports and onto trucks that then disperse them throughout the country. In airports, they could possibly be hooked up to automatically lock every door in the airport, when they detect an explosive. A dog’s sniffer is many thousands of times more sensitive than a human being’s, and these nano devices, comparatively, classify Fido’s nose as sensitive as concrete.
So what’s a federal bureaucrat to do? How does he fire tens of thousands of mouth breathing “junk”gropers because their services are no longer needed? Pick up your plant on the way out, Buddy Boy, and don’t break the little box on the wall that replaced you. And what will he do with all of the medically hazardous scanners already bought, paid for and being used to endanger, by radiation, everyone forced to pass through them? There are no other countries on the face of the Earth who would buy these futile and dangerous devices, even at a buck a piece.

It will be interesting to see how Obama, Napolitano and Chertoff try to ignore this freight train heading towards them. The number of the train is Old Number 1776, subtitled The Constitution, and this very small box will force them to choose, in public, between loyalty to corruption and inefficiency in government, and freeing American travelers from a humiliating display of tyranny every time they want to travel by air.

Please visit this web site to see how David can slay Goliath, and then watch to see if our IQ deprived public servants can get around this “small” problem.

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