Friday, February 11, 2011

Old news on images

I had started writing the following post last fall, but never put it up:

A TSA spokesman is repeating the same lie that has already been debunked. In an article about the installation of another scanner in Utah, Dwayne Baird is quoted as saying:
“There’s no ability to store [images]. They can’t be transmitted, printed or saved in any way,” Baird said.
In the meantime, I recalled that one of my very early posts was about actual images from the scanners and, at the time, EPIC had not released the ones it obtained from its FOIA request. As most of you know, they released 100 such images in November, and I figure I should have the link somewhere on this site. The images they released are significantly less graphic and I find it odd that you can see people walking to and from the scanner. I don't know what the set-up is at the courthouse where these were taken, but it certainly begs a few questions:

  1. How were the images saved? (Do you believe that devices that currently "can not" save images will not be upgraded by the future TSA chief appointed by a POTUS you don't like?)
  2. If they are this grainy, how is this improving security at all? (If they are not actually this grainy, then why were they doctored?)
  3. What protections are in place for people with special health risks and for the operators of these machines that are obviously being exposed to whatever radiation is emitted without necessarily being aware of such exposure? (I can answer that: None.)