Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The TSA wants to know everything about you...

... and airlines are complying. Heck, even the "libertarian" Reason Magazine appear to be supporting this. What ever happened to the idea that we should be able to travel freely from state to state? I predict that if the trusted traveler program takes off this time (it failed before) that at first it will indeed be voluntary. But, soon enough, all travelers will have to undergo a full background check before being allowed to fly. Also, keep in mind the TSA's functioning definition of voluntary: Scans are "voluntary." The choices are
  1. scan
  2. aggressive custodial search (aka, pat-down)
  3. fines and/or imprisonment
Remember that just two years ago, you didn't have to give the airline your date of birth when you bought your tickets. Your birthday is one of the things that identity thieves can use to cause you harm, but Americans just rolled over and started giving their entire family's birthdays to the airlines so it could be handed over to the TSA to "protect" us.

This trusted traveler idea a bad, bad thing. It sounds efficient, effective and common-sense. But you have to remember you are dealing with a rogue agency. More TSA power is the last thing to wish for.