Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bringing a woman to tears

There is nothing particularly shocking in this video: the assault itself was not caught on tape. Towards the end of the video, we learn that the videographer's mother was given a standard procedure illegal custody search (also called, euphemistically, a "pat down"). When the TSA agent got to her breasts, the woman understandingly reacted with horror and outrage that she was being touched like that.

This is where the video picks up. The woman demanded a police officer be summoned for her protection. Notice that no one said, "Certainly, ma'am." and then backed away until the officers arrived. When the officers eventually did arrive, the woman was taken to a private area without her family being informed of what was going on. (And no word yet on what happened then.)

Meanwhile, the woman's son was threatened by TSA agents as well as a Southwest Airline employee, and told (falsely) that he could not film the events.