Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ruining a honeymoon

This is what the TSA does best. The couple got their boarding pass at 5am for a 6:30am flight, after which they would connect to their cruise. Surprisingly, the TSA denies wrongdoing, all procedures were followed and - oh yeah - the passengers are lying.

Here's the thing: even if the couple is lying and, for some reason, decided to wait an hour after getting to the airport to get into the security line, there is still no reason that we - as free citizens - can't get onto an airplane more quickly. Remember way back before the fall of 2001 when you could arrive at the airport less than an hour before your plane departed and still get on with time to spare? It was only after the TSA was created that the new guidelines of "two hours before departure" were instituted. The TSA's sole purpose is to make our lives more inconvenient and miserable, just so we know who's in charge.