Monday, June 13, 2011

Since when did libertarians stop fighting for civil liberties?

I got this link off of Facebook (thanks, Boycott Flying!).
  • First, I didn't know the Reason Foundation - a libertarian think-tank run by the Koch brothers - had a regular newsletter on airline policy and security. At first, I thought, "I ought to be reading this on a regular basis."
  • Second, reading this newsletter on a regular basis would be a waste of time. This is not at all libertarian. It is standard right-of-middle statism. The author buys into the need for the feds to run security. He also buys into the idea that "CrewPass," "Trusted Traveler," and similar schemes are a good idea and too long coming. These things are horrible invasions of privacy and rightly opposed by the ACLU. Reason should be ashamed for putting this trash out under their name.