Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feeling safe

In yet another article about the cartoon-image scanners, there is this quote from one of the submissive masses:
"It makes me feel a lot better now that it's just a generic outline," said Whitney Bryant, a passenger. "I don't feel like someone is invading my privacy."
Of course, this is what the TSA is all about. As long as you feel safe and feel like your privacy is not violated, then all is well. It's not just security theater, it's a security blanket over the eyes. It's keeping you from noticing that you have no clothes. And it's keeping you from understanding the Constitution and natural rights.

In the meantime, I'm not doing enough to publicize the cartoon-image-hoax. My sister emailed me because she was shocked that the TSA had a fake image of what the scanner sees on its front page. I told her this is the new software upgrade, to which she responded: "really?  it looks like a total joke.  interesting."

The joke is on the American public, I guess.

UPDATE: Another of the masses speaks out (meekly):
"They're not seeing my body parts. They're seeing a stick figure that's a lot better. I'm more conformable with the stick figure," McGee said.
UPDATE #2: Here's a howler from an airport rep at BWI:
"Most customers understand why TSA is doing what they're doing, but it does bother people," said Paul Wiedefeld, the airport's executive director. "This gets at that core issue."
This woman clearly doesn't understand what the "core issue" is.