Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fluff and propaganda

Does the author of this so-called story even realize that she is a shill for the state? In an article titled "Soaring Security" a reporter gives a run-down of the slow but steady squeeze on passenger rights since 9/11. But this only leads her to quote an airport authority and perpetuate the myth of airport security:
In a world of evolving risks and threats - airports say it's working with passengers, the federal government and diligence to keep air travel safe.
The discerning reader may pick up on her final sentence and it's implications (but how many discerning readers are there?):
Broome County's Commissioner of Aviation say advanced security technology - like body scanners, could at some point come to smaller regional airports like Binghamton.
Porno-scanners are coming to  Binghamton - the TSA has been very vocal on its goal of near 100% porno-scanners within just a few years.