Thursday, December 16, 2010

We Won't Fly Day

We Won't Fly has set Dec 23rd as "We Won't Fly Day." As they say:
Now, every day is We Won’t Fly Day. The government is not listening. The airline and travel industries are our last shots. We must open their hearts and show them our consumer power so they’ll get on our side. Together we have an excellent chance to replace the scanners and gropers with real security. Without the airlines on our side, further begging of congress critters is an exercise in futility.
But December 23rd is special. December 23rd is a space for creative conscious-raising on an international stage. Our goal this time is educational meetups at 50 airports in the US, 5 in Canada and 1 in the UK. We’ll support anyone who wants to organize an outreach, no matter where you may be located. Even airports without scanners are critical. Airports of all sizes worldwide are tightly connected. Ultimately, many will face the possibility of being scanned or groped. We need to reach everyone.
I recommend not flying at all in the future and telling the airlines that you would use why. Education is very important here as more people need to be made aware of what the scanners and frisks entail.

Disclaimer: I will be flying on Dec 23rd. It will be my last trip by air until the TSA is disbanded and airlines take back their responsibility to provide their own security.