Friday, January 21, 2011

Info on scanners

A new website - TSA Status - is keeping a running tally of what to expect at various airport checkpoints. I've added it to my blogroll for quick reference.
What's the status of the TSA's new body scanners? They're not at every airport and they're not always in use. If you want to avoid the backscatter-radiation security theater or simply don't want your junk touched, use this list, and let us know any updates or additions. If you have time to kill at an airport, feel free to wander around and check out different checkpoints, and make sure to catch the status on your way out, too.

Look up an three-letter airport code here or find a list of US airport codes here.

Help us out: email us at or tweet @tsastatus. Please include the airport, airline and/or checkpoint, DATE and status or any notes. Thanks!

If you have expertise with development, mobile applications or anything else beyond the scope of my abilities, let me know!