Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Since you didn't respond, Mr. Pistole, here are my demands

Jon Deniro never heard  back from the head of the TSA, so he has written to Pistole again. Here's an excerpt:
John Pistole, 

It seems you are resolute in your choice to continue your assault on the people of the U.S.A.  You appear steadfast in your desire to violate the rights citizens are guaranteed under the Constitution, and to continue your criminal activities.

I am equally resolute to defend the Constitution and the rights guaranteed to citizens thereunder. 

You are a traitor to the United States of America and I will not treat you as anything more honorable than that. 

I demand that: 

1 - The TSA be immediately disbanded. Airport security immediately revert to the private sector, this being it's natural and lawful domain; 

2 - The TSA website be wiped clean of all propaganda and replaced with a database containing the following for each and every employee, associate, contractor, etc., both present and past, who has ever been associated with your organization in any manner;
    A - Each such person's full name (including any and all aliases), social security number, home address, telephone number, and spouse's same information (if applicable). Also the person's job title(s) and location(s) worked;
    B - A clearly legible photo of a government issued photo ID card showing the person's name and photograph;
    C - Two completely nude photographs of the person, one frontal, one rear view, full length and positioned in the same pose as used in your backscatter machines;
    D -  A notarized affidavit signed and fingerprinted by the person stating that they now and forever waive all their rights as an American citizen. As it has been irrefutably evidenced that TSA personnel do not believe in the protections of our laws, and the Constitution in particular, they can voice no objection to affirming that they have no rights. The primary purpose of this being so that any person on U.S. soil, irrespective of citizenship, may, without fear of legal repercussions, grope, fondle, sexually assault, digitally rape, verbally and/or physically abuse, and in various ways humiliate TSA personnel, as well as confiscate personal property of those TSA personnel, as dictated only by their whim and fancy;   
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