Sunday, January 16, 2011

Watch out, Colorado Springs! (And everyone else!)

Colorado Springs airport will be getting scanners at their little airport, and at considerable expense. Previously, the local council had to approve funds to upgrade the airport, including a remodel of the so-called security area (aka TSA harassment zone) and an $17 million project to automate baggage screening (aka unconstitutional snooping that airline passengers, including yours truly, have simply accepted for years). But the city and federal government are each chipping in an additional $1 million  to make sure there is room for the scanners that will be installed in 2012.

Furthermore, we learn that: "TSA plans to have full-body scanners in all airports by the end of 2012." If your local sleepy airport doesn't yet have a scanner, perhaps the local city council can delay or stop this timeline by not providing the funds for such expansions.