Sunday, April 17, 2011

Begging Congress to help Alaskans enjoy their right to freedom of travel

The AP reports:
Alaska lawmakers are asking a U.S. Senate committee to hold hearings in Alaska over what they consider "invasive procedures" used by the Transportation Safety Administration.

The TSA doesn't yet conduct mandatory full-body pat downs in Alaska, but the issue made headlines when state Rep. Sharon Cissna, a Democrat from Anchorage, refused a pat-down at the Seattle airport. She used a car, small airplane and ferry to get back to Alaska.
Rep. Max Gruenberg drafted the letter to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs.
The Anchorage Democrat says the committee needs to hear from Alaskans about their unique concerns since they rely on air travel more than other Americans. Rep. Bob Lynn, an Anchorage Republican, was the only one of the 60-member Legislature to not sign the letter.
TSA supporters like the claim that we don't have a right to travel by air. However, we do have a right to freedom of movement as well as a right to due process if liberty is infringed, not to mention our right to reasonable searches with a specific judge-issued warrant. There is not a valid argument that restriction certain modes of travel without due process or a warrant is consistent with this right. Citizens of Alaska and Hawaii have a particularly good argument here, as air travel is the most reasonable method for them to travel between the States. Congress has so far failed to stand up to protect these rights.

H/T Boycott Flying