Monday, April 18, 2011

Gate-rape as described by a rape survivor

This article mis-states a couple of things, but the author's testamonial to a custody search (aka pat-down) that left her in tears is an important story. An excerpt:

I'm not sure when I started to shake. I explained I wasn't comfortable being touched. The man laughed. I said in a smaller voice than normal, "I don't want you to touch me." The woman said she would be the one touching. She told me to extend my arms. She inspected my hair and neck first.
I started to cry.
I wanted so much to be brave. I was told I could be escorted out of the airport. "I live in Alaska," I said. Like that would explain something. As though he would know that flying isn't optional for us and shoo me though.
They seemed angry at me. The search continued. My shoulders. My arms. My back.
"Put your hands out, ma'am."
They were over my face, and I was sobbing.
Rape is about power, not just sex. TSA agents may or may not be sexually perverted, but they are certainly on a power trip when they conduct these searches.