Saturday, April 23, 2011

Whoops! Was the microphone on?

Ray LaHood, the current Secretary of Transportation, accidentally let it slip that his colleague's policies over at the DHS (that is, the TSA's policies of doing custody searches without warrants on little children) are despicable. Then he realized that politicians can't be honest and, so, he covered his butt:

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Sunday he would be ticked off if one of his grandchildren got the kind of pat-down search a 6-year-old girl was subjected to earlier this month at an airport security checkpoint in New Orleans.
LaHood said he would leave a detailed discussion of the episode to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and its administrator, John Pistole. LaHood later elaborated on his position:
"Of course, I support everything Administrator Pistole is doing to ensure our air passengers' safety," LeHood said in a statement. "We know terrorists are willing to manipulate societal norms to evade detection, so I appreciate the fact that TSA officers are working with parents to ensure a respectful screening process for the entire family."