Thursday, June 23, 2011

The heat is getting turned up

Lew Rockwell reports that Pistole is staying true to his promise to use naked scanners as primary screening for most airline passengers. But is public opinion coming around? I hope so:

Writes John Keller:

I flew from Atlanta to San Francisco this week. In Atlanta, if you take the side security lines, which are out of site until you get around the corner, you must go through the porno scanner or opt out. They no longer use the magnetometers at the sides, at least during low traffic times. In San Francisco there is a similar trend with one line going through the magnetometer and one through the porno scanner, you can't really see which until you round the bend.

In the past, in both airports, the porno scanner was in the middle of several lines, and every line had a magnetometer. They would wave people through the pornotron randomly. Now the TSA frog boiler is set to medium. Next step is surely all pornotron all the time, and finally no opting out, unless we keep the pressure on to end this dangerous, invasive, expensive practice.

On both ends, I managed to unknowingly get in the porno line and opted out. A funny thing happened. Two women in Atlanta joined me, one a professional tennis player, the other 4 months pregnant. In San Francisco, a fellow passenger coming through the magnetometer stopped to say he agreed that opting out was the right thing to do. I suggested that maybe we need a national opt out day to show the TSA that the pornotrons must go. Everyone ready to opt out, show up 2 hours early and be ready to wait a little extra. He said "sign me up."