Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'You'd be distracted, too.'

A humorous take on the recent TSA firings in Hawaii:
In April, we told you about the Big Island TSA screener who was arrested for stealing money from an undercover agent posing as a Japanese tourist. And of course you know about the agency's controversial nude scanners and aggressive pat-down procedures, which sparked near riots during the holidays. Now, on Oahu, TSA announced it's firing more than 30 workers for failing to properly screen checked bags.

"TSA holds its workforce to the highest ethical standards and we will not tolerate employees who in any way compromise the security of the traveling public," said administrator John Pistole in a release. TSA says the security lapses occurred daily at Honolulu International "during the last few months of 2010."

Sounds bad, but hey—if you were looking at naked pictures and touching strangers' junk all day, you'd be distracted too.