Saturday, June 25, 2011

'Trusted travelers;' And maybe we can 'trust' children

It's official - the terrible "trusted traveler" program will have started pilot runs by the end of the year.

The article also says:

TSA was confronted recently by another uproar when a six-year-old girl was subjected to a physical patdown after she went through a full-body scanner, raising questions about whether children pose a security risk.

Pistole said the child moved during the scan, prompting the patdown, but that TSA has once again changed its policy for such scenarios and that he plans to unveil more changes soon. But he noted that militants have used children in attacks before.

"We have changed the policy to say that there will be repeated efforts to resolve that without a patdown," Pistole said. "I will be announcing something in the not-too-distant future about a change in policy as it relates to children."

This hardly sounds like children will be exempt from pat-downs - the least the TSA should do if it has an iota of decency. But, less child abuse is less child abuse, I suppose.