Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dated testamonial from amputee is circulating

This story from the beginning of last summer (May 2010) is heartbreaking, not only for the humiliation of this woman, but also the ridiculous justification given for the ill-treatment of her son:
As predicted, and as is typical, I was directed to the Plexiglas waiting area after I triggered the metal detector. Robby proudly walked through the sensors, running into my arms. Apparently that was a mistake, because he was taken back through the sensors again because he had been "compromised" by touching me. He was not pleased.

... After Robby's second screening, he was directed by an imposing figure to sit in a chair and not to communicate with me. He was scared and asked me if everything was okay. He broke the "rule" and the consequence was a full body pat down. I was forced to sit in a chair and helplessly watch my scared little boy get patted down for explosives. I was angry and perplexed when they pulled back his hands and peeked into his diaper. When his ordeal was over, Robby sat quietly shaking in a chair staring at me.
So, a 4-year-old (four!!) is expected to 1) stay separated from his mother, 2) sit still, and 3) not talk, including asking his mother if everything is okay. Any one of those three demands is, well, just dumb, not to mention wrong. But the TSA piled on three stupid, immoral, and probably illegal demands.

The story continues. The woman was ordered (against TSA policy and probably against the law) to remove not only her prosthetic, but also her liner, which protects her limb from injury, infection, and the view of the public. Both the boy and his mother were crying from this ordeal, but she was surrounded by 4 agents (really - how many bullies does it take to gang up on one disabled woman?).

These stories - at varying degrees - are happening all the time and will continue to happen at a more rapid pace until this rogue agency is eliminated.

H/T Bill Fisher