Thursday, August 25, 2011

Congressman stands up for passengers

Rep. Bennie Thompson is calling for a halt to the TSA's new SPOT program of interrogation. Although he focuses on efficacy and cost, at least the TSA is starting to lose power in Washington, if ever so slight. Read some of the Congressman's comments here. Ignore the end of the article where they praise the Israeli system, or at least read up on it here and here.

Meanwhile, an actual reporter addresses glaring problems with the Israeli system comparison and even does some investigative reporting:
The SPOT program has led to the arrest of 2,000 criminals, none of whom have been charged with terrorism.
I wonder how many of the 2,000 criminals were guilty of a victimless crime.(PS to the Weekly Herald editor: the cost of the software upgrade is $2.7 million, so, yes, a drop in the TSA budget bucket.)