Saturday, August 27, 2011

Free advertising for the TSA

Is there really any other explanation for this article. It gives Oregonians the "news" that full-body scanners (pre-installed with cartoon-image software) are coming. It only quotes airport and TSA spokesmen, which, amazingly, claim:
... that polls show the general public is overwhelmingly supportive of TSA security precautions, including full-body scans.
The article then continues to read as a job advertisement. However, it is interesting to note that: 
TSA expects to hire 10 to 15 part-time workers over the coming months to add to its current staff of 70 part- and full-time employees at the Eugene Airport, Irwin said. The hiring drive is necessary because the new imaging technology requires larger staffs to run.
Although the author is not trying to show how inefficient with taxpayer money is, he continues by stating that, "The part-time positions come with federal full-time medical benefits..." I guess it's their way of bribing people to do a job that they feel ashamed of.