Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maybe, maybe not, in Manchester, NH

The state’s largest airport may soon have full-body scanners installed, just in time for the upcoming holiday season, but a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would not confirm or deny their potential arrival yesterday.
Gosh, they just love keeping us in a perpetual state of uncertainty and fear! Contrast this with the cartoon-image software roll-out. Every airport and all local new agencies are clearly notified in advance of the upgrade. For each airport, I see a whole slate of articles parroting the TSA's propaganda on the carton-image scanner upgrades. But a new scanner - whether with cartoon-image software like will be going into NH or not - is always shrouded in secrecy. And the propaganda keeps coming:
“Advanced imaging technology is optional for all passengers,” said Horowitz. “Passengers who opt out of imaging technology screening will receive alternative screening, to include a physical pat down.”
But, you've gotta love New Hampshire's independent streak:
Some supporters of HB628 [anti-groping/scanning bill] are still refusing to fly altogether, if it means dealing with a body scanner.

“We are going to Houston in December as a family, and we’re driving,” said Rep. Andrew Mancuse, R-Derry, a co-sponsor of HB628. “I won’t subject my daughter to that.”