Friday, April 15, 2011

CrewPass2 being phased in

Pilots and flight attendants are going to get a second chance to be treated better than the masses at airports. Particularly disturbing is this quote:
Details of the proposed system have yet to be worked out, but TSA officials say they plan to hook into airline employee databases and confirm the identities of pilots and flight attendants using biometric measures such as retina scans and fingerprint matching.

Lovely that the airlines are going to hand over their employee databases to the feds so cavalierly (I'm sure they already do, but maybe only some limited info? Or at least it's not so blatant?) Detailed passenger data is next, I suppose, not that our treatment will improve.

This type of collaboration is why I have taken out my anger over TSA abuses on the travel industry.

Let me add this: Of course it makes sense for pilots and flight attendants to be under less scrutiny than passengers. However, it does not follow that suspicionless searches (which are, by the way, quite invasive) should be the norm for passengers.