Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Security is serious business"

So serious that a clown gets detained for three hours, misses her flight, and has charges pressed for assaulting an officer. What did the clown do?

"I go through the scanner and on the other end I've got a bag, a megaphone, my purse and the basket of eggs and I'm trying to put my shoes back on. This woman comes up over my shoulder and says, 'What are those?'
"Well, they are eggs filled with confetti," I said.
Go on.
"I said, 'You want to see? This one's kind of broken. You're the winner. Here we go - smash!'
"And I smacked it on her head."
Read the rest here, and don't forget to look at the inane comments, from which I got the title of this post.

H/T Boycott Flying