Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"We've done a bad job, but it's because we need more money!"

OK - that's not a direct quote. Here's the actual quote:

Transportation Security Administration managers at Newark Liberty International Airport say security has "slowly diminished" over the years.
That was one of the findings in a performance analysis obtained by The Star-Ledger of Newark that was circulated during meetings led by TSA Area Director Jim Blair on Thursday.
The newspaper reported that Newark-based managers acknowledged a series of embarrassing lapses produced what they described as "a lack of faith in our ability to provide world class security" in travelers' minds.
The report said "understaffing, complacency and lack of focus," along with a lack of direction, poor communication and checkpoint design contributed to the decline in security.
The managers proposed changes in training and accelerating hiring to boost staff to handle labor-intensive full body scanners that were installed last fall.
Here's a better idea: scrap the TSA and put airport security in the hands of the airport and airline owners who have an incentive to provide actual, customer-friendly security.