Thursday, November 25, 2010

Only some of us had to submit, so it's okay.

My husband sent me this link the day before yesterday. Now that we know that yesterday's protest did not cause delays, it's interesting to look at it again. He commented:
[It] suggests that 80% of security lanes won't have scanners.  For most people the procedure at the security checkpoint will be business as usual: remove your shoes, belt, jewelery, empty your pockets, fluids in small bottles, zip-lock bags, no nail clippers, etc. Therefore the furor is overblown, and when the other 80% of security lanes get the scanner and when the full-body pat-down becomes the norm, well then once again the security checkpoint procedure will be business as usual.

Calm down people, the government is not forcing us all to submit, it's just forcing some of us to submit.  It's not really a violation of constitutional rights unless it affects a simple majority, right?
One of my personal goals with speaking out (using this website and in other ways) was to educate Americans about this injustice. The "overblown" opt-out was on the news at every turn for the last two days. That's a win!