Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm very nervous

John Tyner says that he was trying his best to avoid a confrontation at the airport, but wanted to be prepared for the worst. That's why he turned on the video recording on his phone before he put his bag through screening. Before that, he checked online to make sure that SAN didn't have scanners (and the TSA's website said it didn't). He also tried to get into the metal detector line, but events transpired against him.

This is why I'm very nervous.

I'm doing everything I can to avoid the scanner and warrantless pre-custodial search. I will not submit to this, and I will not allow my daughter to be scanned or groped. But I promised our family that we'd be back for Christmas, so, while I'm speaking out to US Air and Orbitz to get publicity for the existence of the scanners, I'm going very far out of my way to avoid a confrontation at the airport.

But these stories keep coming in. What if the metal detector goes off or I am randomly selected for a pre-custodial search? What if they try to take my daughter from me to give her a pre-custodial search? When I refuse to follow orders, what if they arrest me? If you wonder why I wrote that "I was in tears," it's because I keep imagining things like this or this. Or worse.

I really do wish that US Air and Orbitz and the rest of the gang would put up a fight here. Ground their planes. Pilots and flight attendants on strike. Then the rest of us could quit worrying about how we're going to continue to see our loved ones without having an anxiety attack.