Sunday, November 21, 2010

Write your airports, too!

Steve Smith writes:
People are calling the airlines to register their complaints about the peeping and the groping. They should also call their local airport authority. These are (I suppose) quasi-governmental bodies, but their first job is to keep people flying through their airport.

In my case, I know that my local airport is on the TSA list of airports with the full-body scanners. However, I called the authority's number anyway and left this message (it being before business hours), with my name and phone and a request that someone get back to me:

"Hi, this is Steve Smith. I live in Chapel Hill and my number is _________ .  I understand that RDU [Raleigh-Durham airport] has those full-body scanners. Please let me know for sure, as I don't want to fly from there if you do.  Also, do you happen to know if, say, the Greensboro airport [about 50 miles distant] has them yet? I might fly from there instead. Thanks."

When/if someone calls me back and confirms that RDU does have the porno-tron scanners, I will strongly suggest that they opt out of the TSA's "services" if they don't wish to lose customers like me.
I fully support this. See also Tom DiLorenzo's open letter to Birmingham and Atlanta airport administrators.