Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tragic consequences for a concerned mom

As I reported over at, a woman was arrested at the Nashville airport for speaking sternly and later yelling at a TSA agent when they wanted to scan and then grope her daughter, and refused to allow her to take video or pictures of the event.

These stories of parents being helpless at airports scare me more than any of the other stories about the TSA today. I was petrified when I traveled (for the last time by plane) with my daughter in December. I told my husband that I would call him when I made it through security so that we would know that I wasn't arrested for protecting my daughter from the goons. (Incidentally, I was so relieved to get through security that I forgot to call an my husband had two hours of serious worrying before he knew we were both safe and sound.)

I don't know what happened to Andrea Abbott's daughter when she was arrested. Obviously, she was separated from her daughter and that must be just about the worst thing that can happen to a parent.

What would you do? Upon entering security with your child(ren) and wanting to protect them from the scan-and/or-grope, but knowing that this could lead to your arrest and separation from your child(ren)? There was a little-covered story last fall about agents who took a woman's baby from her. It was only about 10 minutes, but it was probably the most terrifying 10 minutes that mother has ever had. The government has no qualms about separating children from parents. The government has no qualms about arresting people who are (with good reason) upset, even though government agents are holding them hostage (not letting them leave the "security" area) and threatening them.

If you are a parent and this worries you, please don't fly. It's not worth it.

Update from a reader:
called Erin Quinn who wrote the article for the Tennessean about this arrest. When I tried to explain to her TN law prohibits me doing the exact same thing to her, she DEFENDED the TSA, explaining "they're federal agents."
Update from another reader:
This is Sabrina Birge [the TSA agent] on Facebook:

Note her favorite TV shows: Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, House, Criminal Minds.
To be fair, there's very little else on TV these days besides cop drama. I, too, enjoy watching cop dramas, but I wouldn't call them my favorite.