Monday, November 15, 2010

TSA website is not forthcoming

When I first read John Tyner's story, I thought he must have missed something on the TSA site, because I knew that there were scanners at SAN. However, I just checked the TSA website and John is correct - San Diego is not on the list of airports with scanners. In retrospect, I knew of SAN's scanners because a friend of mine just flew out of there and told me they had them.

So - be careful! Before you make flight arrangements, check with the TSA and the airport you are flying out of and get some confirmation on the scanner situation. I just emailed Norfolk's airport the following:

I plan on flying out of your airport in December. You are not listed on the TSA website as having AIT scanners, nor are you on the list to get the scanners soon. However, I understand that their website may not be up-to-date. Can you please confirm the status of Norfolk with respect to the installation of these scanners?


Kathryn Muratore