Thursday, November 11, 2010

Professionals? Ha!

A reader writes:
As a former rape victim & survivor of childhood sexual abuse, the idea of going through one of the backscatter scanners and/OR an "enhanced pat-down" has me terrified.

When flying to Albuquerque last year, I mistakenly left my sweater at the seats after the scanners & security station in the Phoenix airport... I discovered the missing sweater on the way to the gate & returned to get it.  By this time, a long line had formed at the metal detector machines, so I was forced to go through the scanner.  As I was gathering my purse, carry-on, shoes & sweater to try to restore some semblance of order to my person & my belongings, I was able to hear someone smirking, "nice big tits on that one!"  I cannot tell you how mortified & embarrassed I was.  If I had not had Rescue Remedy with me, in my purse, I might have had a panic attack.
On a related note, Meg McLain said in her interview that not only was she the only person selected for the naked scanner on her recent attempt to leave Miami, but she has been selected for a pat-down in the airport before! I've flown at least twice a year since the TSA was created and I've never been "randomly selected" for a pat-down. Meg is purported to be "smokin' hot" - do you think it's a coincidence that she's had her breasts twisted by a TSO in the past and was selected for the naked scanner this time around? In my opinion, she was sexually assaulted the last time around, and her story illustrates the absurdity of those who say that the TSOs are professionals just doing their job to keep the skies safe.