Friday, November 12, 2010

Reply from Delta

Gary Cottington forwards Delta's reply to him:

Dear Mr. Cottingham,

RE: Case Number 1899562
Thank you for your email describing your unpleasant experience with the 
TSA check-in processes.  On behalf of Delta Air Lines, your feedback 
regarding the updated security screening directives are greatly 

I am sorry that you are disappointed with the new Advanced Imaging 
Technology (AIT) also commonly referred to as full body scanner 
technology.  This system produces images of the body in order to detect 
potential threats concealed underneath passengers' clothing that could 
have possibly gone undetected with the current method.  Please 
understand that safety remains our first and foremost priority, and it 
guides our day-to-day operations.  While federal regulations prohibit us
from discussing the criteria used for security decisions and we 
acknowledge they may be invasive and disruptive, they serve to make 
flying safer for everyone.  We understand that some requirements may 
make it difficult for passengers to travel and it may require them to 
make a decision on whether it is in their best interest to utilize air 
travel.  While we are sorry that it may require some passengers not 
travel by air, we follow all directives handed down to us from the 
higher authorities. 
Further, the manner in which security procedures are conducted is 
mandated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other 
government agencies.  Delta will continue to work closely with such 
agencies to provide the highest level of security possible, while at the
same time minimizing passenger inconvenience.
Mr. Cottingham, again, thank you for your concerns regarding our TSA 
check-in.  As our valued Delta customer, you are an important part of 
our customer base and we are always interested in your feedback.  We 
look forward to welcoming you back onboard in the near future.


Pamela M. Peterson
Coordinator, Customer Care
Delta Air Lines/KLM Royal Dutch Airlines