Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Airport AIT information

In reference to my post about the TSA website, I'd like to pass on a list being updated by an energetic soul over at FlyerTalk forums of the status of airports and scanners. Please note that airports that are listed without scanners are still not guaranteed to be safe, but that all of the airports listed with scanners are accurate.

If you have any first-hand info about airports, please contact the maintainer of that thread, or put a comment here and I'll contact the maintainer.

I'm reprinting the current list here:

US Airports using the NoS (Nude-O-Scope)

ABQ - MMW used in all C/P lanes
ATL - South C/P - 2 devices installed in the DL F/Elite line - Two MMW @ Concourse E C/P after Customs - Central C/P has MMW
BDL - BKSX used occasionally. FTer reports that the device is installed @ Concourse A (main C/P). Not used very often.
BIS - Receiving devices within the next year
BNA - On the A/B side - probably going to C - Avoid by using WN C/P - MMW
BOI - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM - BKSX
BOS - Term. A, Term. B (US Shuttle, AA), Term. C, UA, B6, Term E. INTL - Left lane of UA C/P (TERM C) does not have a NoS..
BRO - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM
BUF - Five BKSX Installed!
BWI - Only the C Gates (AA,DL) are free of the NoS. All other gates have MMW
CLE - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM - MMW
CLT - BKSX Installed @ Concourse A, B, D - Concourse C C/P is SAFE!
CMH - Concourse B has machines installed. Pax can self-select NoS or WTMD line, though still run the risk of being redirected - BKSX
CRP - BKSX in use at the only C/P
CVG - AA/UA/WN Terminal has the NoS installed.
DCA - DL/CO Terminal C/P (gates 10-22), Also installed at Gates 35+, Terminal A C/P is safe
DEN - Two MMW at Bridge C/P. MMW also used at East & West C/P
DFW - MMW in use @ INTL>DOM Term. D C/P, Terminal D (Checkpoints 18, 22, 30) - MMW
DTW - Used @ (DL) McNamara Terminal - Primary at the N. Terminal C/P (AA, CO, LH, UA, US, WN). Installed next to each WTMD - Used for incoming INTL pax - MMW
ELP - Screening clerks were forcing pax to use the NoS over the summer. According to Blogdad Bob, all pax can opt-out. YMMV. - BKSX
EWR - NoS now in operation! - Terminal A (AA) gates 30-39 do not have the NoS - Term. B BKSX @ DL Gates B40-B47
FAR - Receiving devices within the next year
FAT - According to TSA @ FAT, NoS in use. type unknown.
FLL - BKSX installed @ Concourse C C/P, DL Terminal 2 & 3 E/F Fates.
FWA - Replaced one of the two WTMD with a MMW - WARNING: Clerks have been sending all pax through the MMW. YMMV..
GEG - Horizon Air (Term C) SAFE - Far lane @ C/P for A & B using BKSX
GFK - Receiving devices within the next year
GPT - One BKSX in use
GRR - NoS installed, but not in use at last report
HNL - C/P # 3 @ Lobby 5 & 6 has four MMW - C/P 5 @ Lobby 7 & 8, MMW in use @ elite line, left-most lane. If elite, use gold line, then self-select WTMD
HRL - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM
IAD - BKSX installed in Diamond Line & Crew Lanes downstairs; main C/P Unknown - Crew line is the only lane open overnight...
IAH - Term. B has two MMW. Two WTMD still setup. Term. C has MMW installed. Terminal E, but easy to avoid - MMW - INTL Arrivals has 3 MMW
IND - A & B C/P 3 installed - MMW
JAX - One Scanner, avoid by using the lane to the left
JFK - BKSX now in operation! No machines installed in JetBlue (B6) Terminal!
LAS - Multiple MMW @ A/B/C C/P. Old C C/P also has MMW. Most of the WTMDs @ D C/P also have MMW. Old A/B C/P has MMW, T2 (INTL) - Be observant!
LAX - T1 (WN) & T3 (AS,VX) SAFE! -- T4 (AA), T5 (DL,AM), T6 (CO), T7 (UA) Left Lane - TBIT has 1 BKSX at both C/Ps
LGA - IN PROCESS OF BEING INSTALLED @ Central Terminal Building Concourse D (AA) between lanes 1 & 2
LIH - Used at the main C/P
LRD - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM
MIA - Terminal J has MMW in use.
MCI - Left side of WN C/P - Term. B - DL Gates @ Term B has BKSX - Terminal A & C Safe! - MMW
MCO - BKSX in use @ West End C/P (Gates 1 - 59) - One BKSX to the extreme left side entrance, and two near extreme right entrance. Center section still has WTMD.
MDT - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM1
MFE - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM
MEM - Used at A/B/C C/P - BKSX
MIA - C/P H is safe! - C/P J has one Nos, type unknown
MKE - Concourses C & D - MMW
MSP - In use at C/P 10, C/P 2 has two NoS, C/P 6 has NoS in use. Avoid by using C/P 1 or 5. All C/Ps lead to the same area. - MMW
MSY - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM
OAK - In use at Terminal 1, 3 installed @ Terminal 2 (WN) C/P - BKSX
OMA - BKSX used @ AA gates (1-8) C/P
ORD - T1,T2,T3(2 @ K C/P) (Backscatter)
PIT - Devices are installed at both the main and alternate C/P (BKSX)
PBI - MMW in use at all C/Ps. Concourses A,B,C - Concourse C MMW on the 2 right hand lanes of the C/P - Avoid by using Elite/Crew lanes on main level
PHL - Terminal F has one MMW - Term D/E are SAFE - Rest of airport unknown
PHX - C/P B & D Terminal 4 - BKSX
PVD - Main, and only, C/P has received a Backscatter
RDU - 4 MMW installed @ Terminal 2 C/P. Entire C/P rearranged, possibly for opening of new terminal
ROC - Machine in use. Staff are rude to opt-outs MMW
RIC - MMW installed @ Concourse A, B & C C/P
SAN - BKSX installed @ UA C/P, Commuter Terminal, DL C/P @ Term @, Gate 1A/1/2 C/P for WN - T1 WN is SAFE!
SEA - A (South) C/P (DL) has the NoS, Central/Main C/P has the NoS, C gate C/P & D/N gates C/P has no NoS. All terminals connected airside - BKSX
SFO - 3 MMWs in INTL Terminal C/P, 1 MMW in Terminal 1 C/P for AS,CO,US,WN. MMW is in use @ AA gates T3 60-67
SMF - B2 C/P has the NoS
SJC - BKSX at all lanes, except for the family line. - Terminal B has eight lanes @ the C/P, and 4 BKSX, X-RAY machines in odd lanes feed to WTMD
SJU - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM
SLC - Terminal 2 (DL) - MMW
STL - 2 BKSX installed at Terminal 1 A C/P - BKSX @ Term. 2 (East Term)
TPA - Airside A & Airside E C/P (AC, DL, UA) - MMW
TUL - All lanes have the MMW

US & International Airports receiving the NoS soon

ICN - According to airport information, receiving devices "soon". None installed as of November

International Airports using the NoS

AMS - MMW for US-bound departures. Unknown about non-US departures. One MMW per gate. Opting-out can be done, but can be a PITA.
LHR - T1 Main & Transfer C/P - No NoS, T3 C/P - No NoS, T5 - NoS in use!
HAM - Testing the NoS, entirely optional!
MAN - T2 has NoS in use, while T3 does not - Reports are that it will receive them by the EOY
YEG - MMW in use for domestic/transborder flights. Random, but opt-out permitted
YHZ - MMW in use in domestic/international departure area. All lines have WTMD. Unsure of transborder departure area.
YOW - 1 NoS in the Domestic/Intl C/P - Appears to be used for secondary screening - TYPE UNKNOWN
YUL - MMW in far left lane being used on all pax. OPT OUT Permitted
YVR - US-bound pax use the MMW, randomly determined by a machine - Domestic, C gates has a MMW for "random selectees" - OPT-OUT POSSIBLE!
YYC - US-bound pax use the MMW, randomly determined by a machine - OPT-OUT POSSIBLE!
YYZ - T1, US Departures has the NoS for SSSS/Random Selection/Resolution of WTMD alarms - T1 Domestic - 2 MMW for Secondary only. None in NEXUS line, not always in use - MMW - YYZ Concourse Level (between Arr/Dep) C/P has the MMW, usually sits idle
YXU - Installed @ Transborder terminal

UPDATE: There is another post at FlyerTalk that lists alternative airports for different regions.

For additions or corrections to either of these posts, feel free to contact me directly and I'll pass the message along if you don't want to create a FlyerTalk account.