Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Delta keeps trying to wash their hands, ...

... but Steven St.Jean calls Delta out. See yesterday's posts where I support abolition of the TSA and, as a route to get there, airports kicking the TSA out. Steven's message to Delta is right on point - they keep kicking the can, but it is their right and duty to protect their own property.
Dear Ms. Sanders,

This is simply not true:

> These procedures are conducted by the Transportation Security
> Administration (TSA) and are required by federal law.

The law that created the TSA gave airports the right to opt out of the TSA program altogether.  That's right, the airports which Delta supports can legally overthrow the hated TSA.  I draw your attention to this news report:

If Delta cares for the safety, the dignity, and the rights of its passengers, it will urge airports to exercise this right and throw the perverts out.

Steven St.Jean
SkyMiles #6230137876
Delta's response to Steven's first letter is here.

(Regarding the Washington Examiner article, I do not at all endorse the "GOP plan" of contractors on the federal payroll. Like the choice between scanners and pat-downs, the choice between a socialist TSA or a fascist TSA is no choice at all.)