Sunday, November 14, 2010

Delta: You have some explaining to do

Logan Hertz submitted the following on Delta's website:
I was planning to fly from Atlanta (ATL) to Dulles (IAD) to visit my family for Thanksgiving; however, since both Dulles and Atlanta airports now have porno-scanners installed, I will be making the 10-hour drive instead.  Why is Delta allowing TSA (Total Sexual Assault) agents to strip-search, violate, humiliate, and sexually assault its passengers?  Delta airlines leadership should have the courage and strength to stand up to the TSA molestors and protect their passengers' dignity.  With all the outrage directed against the TSA, Delta Airlines could stand to gain significant customer loyalty by being the first to publicly stand up to the TSA.  I personally pledge to fly only Delta from now on if Delta airlines will be the first airline to at least protest these measures (if not actively resist them or simply shut down until they are changed).

In your response, please explain how Delta will act to protect the dignity, privacy, and personal property of its customers from the criminal TSA agents.