Sunday, November 14, 2010

Goodbye, Jet Blue

Marilyn Masiker shares her open letter to Jet Blue's CEO and CFO (which she also submitted using their online comment form):
An Open Letter to David Barger and Ed Barnes (CEO and CFO of Jet BLUE Airlines)

Dear David Barger and Ed Barnes:

November 12, 2010

I have recently read that TSA is implementing their Enhanced Imaging or the alternative "opt-out" sexually invasive pat down option in both the Buffalo International Airport and in Boston Logan Airport. And those passengers who wish to board an airplane from those locations on November 19, 2010 may have to face that choice.

First, I would like to say that I have flown Jet blue almost exclusively since I first got on one of your flights. My sisters told me to try your airline over 9 years ago. Everything about flying Jet blue has always been comfortable, professional, and first rate. The people who work with your airline are great.

I travel often for both business and to see family. I have a flight booked for November 19 with a return on November 21 to see my granddaughter and her family. I am so looking forward to seeing them. I will not however, submit to the latest TSA measures including either an enhanced imaging scan or the recently implemented pat down which I feel is nothing short of assault. It is my choice who touches my breasts or genitals or who sees my naked body. I am an imaging researcher and have published work in the "Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging" as well as "Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry." I know what ionizing radiation is and will not allow myself to be unnecessarily exposed to it. But that is an aside, because the imaging is a violation of my 4th amendment rights and a slap to my dignity and to the privacy of my person.

I hope that the expectation that my 4th amendment rights will be honored under my ticket is implicit in your customer bill of rights. That would be in keeping with the respectful manner in which Jet blue has always operated. I will have to cancel my ticket and avoid air travel from now on unless and until these unacceptable procedures recently implemented by the TSA stop. Even if I were to cringe and allow this assault to my person what message would I be sending to my daughter and my granddaughters? I do not want my granddaughters to think that American women should ever expect or allow themselves to be treated this way.

This is my goodbye to you. And I urge you to please apply your well earned muscle as one of the finest American companies to serve the public and do whatever you can to put an end to this TSA harassment and assault. Until this ends I cannot fly but I want to say thank you Jet Blue, for all of the good flights and exceptional treatment your company and its people have provided over the years.


Marilyn C. Masiker, PhD.

I'm starting to feel a little bad for Jet Blue since this is the fourth customer letter I've posted in just a few days. Well, maybe not that bad!